I’ve been running since the year 2000, probably three to four times per week on the average. Few years ago, I started recording my runs, using a GPS and/or a camera. It is a hassle to run with extra gear, so i do not record runs routinely, but I try to do it if I run at a new location. I am not going for the world record, but I would like to run at as many places (countries, continents) as possible.

I am not a great runner, I am not very competitive, I have not run a single race… I just like to run because it makes me feel good. That’s all there is to it. Most often I run with my dog Maggie, but sometimes I run alone (especially when traveling).

I really enjoy running at different places and always take an opportunity to run somewhere new. Over the years, I’ve recorded some of my favorite runs (GPS tracks and photographs) and now I am in the process of putting it all together on these pages. Runs are filed under the date when they were recorded, not when they got posted (I’ve only started posting recently).

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