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Athens, GA – January 28, 2013

I was in Athens (University of Georgia) for work, so naturally I used this opportunity to run at a new place. I had relatively busy schedule, but as always, I make sure to go to bed early, wake up early and go for a run before my day starts.

Also, as usual, I planned my runs using maps and Google Earth, but this time this did not produce great results. My first run (January 28) was supposed to be along the banks of a nice river (or a creek), but instead I ended up running along what seemed like a very short canal and then ended up in a less-than-great-neighborhood. I turned back towards the hotel and took few detours on the way to make this run a bit longer. In all, on 28th, my run was 5.4 miles at about 8.5 minute mile pace. I usually try to run faster (7.30 mm seems to work well for me), but so often I am just not in the shape I would like to be, so I have to go slow.

Next day (January 29), I decided to run through the UGA campus instead, and that seemed to work out much better. From my hotel (Holiday Inn on W Broad St.), I went south on S Lumpkin St., then east on Carlton St., then south on E Campus Rd to intramural fields. After running few times around the fields, I went back more-less the same way. The total distance was somewhat shorter (5.2 miles), but I kept the same pace which, considering this was my second day to run in a row was not bad.