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Tromsø, Norway – May 18, 2016

It took 3 flights and almost 24 hours to get from Seattle to Tromsø. I arrived there just in time for the Norwegian day parade in the afternoon of the 17th. Despite the time difference and the lack of darkness (midnight sun!) I did manage to get good night sleep, so next morning, I got up at 6 and went for a run.

Weather was great for running, mid 30’s and cloudy with some snowflakes in the air. My friend (and host) Tor went with me and I got a grand tour of the Tromsø early in the morning. Tromsø is located above the Arctic Circle (69.6492° N, 18.9553° E) on an island which is shielded from the Atlantic by a thin strip of land. We run 6 ½ miles in just over an hour and covered the southern third of the island. This was not a fast run, but I felt great afterwards. What a way to get to know Tromsø.