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Rahway, NJ – May 11, 2007

I used to travel to Rahway several times each month. Being the creature of habit, I would always stay at Holiday Inn hotel in Clark. Once I find the place I like, I always go back and do not try to change things. The restaurant there was OK and I had a decent running route, so why not.

Early in the morning, from the hotel, I would run south past Mother Seton Regional High School, then follow Broadway over a small climb and after the Madison Avenue Park, continue down Madison Avenue . After passing the Rahway High School, I would turn right on the Midwood Drive which goes by the Robinsons branch of the Rahway River. Then, for some reason (and now I have no idea why) from that point, I would always go back the same way I came. As I am looking at the map now, it seems that it would make much more sense to continue through the neighborhoods and come back from the other side of Mother Seton High School.

Be that as it may, it was a decent route and it comes to about 4 miles.

Rahway Run
Rahway Run