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State College, PA – July 22, 2013

I traveled to State College for a virology meeting. As usual, I used the opportunity to go for few runs in a new place. Before coming here, I researched running options and found out that there is a dirt trail going from my hotel, Sleep Inn. According to online maps and Google Earth, Bellefonte Central Rail Trail seemed like a great place to run.
On my first morning there, I got ready and took off looking for the trail. It was very close to the hotel, but it was surprisingly hard to find. After zig-zagging for few minutes (see GPS track below), I found the trail and went all the way to the end and back. Bellefonte Central Rail Trail was a very nice surprise. It was very nice, quiet and a pleasure to run on. I am glad I had my camera with me. From Sleep Inn, the trail goes by Arboretum, under the I-99, past the golf course and then slowly starts narrowing until it ends at Montauk Circle. The run was so great that I kept pushing harder and harder and ended up achieving new personal record – 9 miles at 7.25 miles per minute pace. I was quite tired after that, but it was worth it.
Foolishly, I went running next day as well (should have rested). This time, I went running through the PSU campus. It was OK run, but I barely managed 4 miles at 8.5 mm.