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Zurich, Switzerland – May 20 and 22, 2016

I stayed in Zurich for 3 days and managed to go out for a run twice. Both times, I went South from my hotel (which was near the city center and train station) towards the Zurich lake. Once at the lake, I went along the East side (on the 20th) or the West side (on the 22nd). In both cases, I came back to the hotel more-less the same way. Nice thing about these routes was that they are all flat, there is no up/down hill which was nice. Surface was mixture of pavement and gravel (more pavement than gravel).

My first run was 5.2 miles and I run just under 9 minute mile. The second one was 6.4 miles at about 8:30 minute mile. This is much slower than I used to run, but considering that I’ve been struggling with the hamstring injury for quite some time, it was not that bad. Both days weather was relatively cool, in the 50’s, with moderate to heavy rain on the 22nd. No wonder I was faster for that one, it is much easier to run when you are nice and cool.

This was not the first time I was running in Zurich, but it was the first time I had my GPS with me to record it.