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Fort Collins, CO – June 22, 26 2014

I was at Fort Collins, CO for a virology meeting. Once again, I’ve used Google Earth to plan my runs in advance so I was prepared. I arrived to Fort Collins in the evening and went for my first run next morning.
I stayed at Hilton, near the Colorado State University and from there it is a short distance to the Spring Creek Trail. Once on the trail, I went west, by Rolland Moore Park and then all the way to Spring Canyon Community Park. I went around that park and then back pretty much the same way. I have to say that the second part of this run felt like it would never end. My legs were heavy and I was out of breath. By the time I got back to my hotel, I felt like I run a marathon. The total distance for this run was only 8.2 miles, but Fort Collins is at almost 5000 ft and I arrived less than 24 hours prior to this. My average speed was 8:42 minutes per mile which is pretty bad, but considering the thin air and lack of 02, it is probably OK.
Not giving myself any time to recover, I went running next day as well. This time, it was a slow short run on the Mason Trail which runs parallel to the S College Ave. The run was only 3.6 miles, probably at about the same pace.
After taking a day to recover, I went running around the CSU campus. Most of the run was on the track which was kind of interesting. Total for this one was 5.5 miles.
You can see the Google Earth images of my runs below.