Belgrade, Serbia – August 16, 2014

This was not the first time I run while visiting Belgrade, but it was the first time I recorded it with my GPS. While there are many parks in Belgrade, it was actually quite challenging to find a good running route near the city center. Running very early in the morning does help though, as the streets are mostly empty of traffic, the air is much cleaner and that is generally the coldest time of the day. The street names in Belgrade have changed over the last 30 years (since I lived there), so I might get some of them wrong as I try to describe the route as best as I can.
On the 16th, I went down Queen Maria St. which continues as George Washington St. and then becomes Tsar Dushan St leading to the Belgrade zoo. When I got to the zoo, I turned right onto Tadeusz Kościuszko St. which goes under the railroad track and ends on the bank of the Danube River. At the river, I turned left and run for a about quarter mile, then took another left at the Tower of Nebojsha and took the zig-zag (and a very steep) path up to the Kalemegdan Fortress. From the Fortress, I took Knez Mihailo St. turned left at Despot Stephan Blvd and got back to George Washington St. All this ended up being only 5.2 miles at roughly 8:30 minute mile pace.
On the 18th, I run straight up to Tashmaidan Park to a running track (a very short one though). I went around and around the track, the St. Mark’s Church and then around the other areas of the park. I exited the park near the main post office, went down Takovska St., turned left at the Botanical Garden and ended up near the Vanizelisova St. This run was about 4.9 miles