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London, Ontario – July 12, 2015

I was in London for a virology meeting. This was the first time I was in Ontario; so naturally, I wanted to use this opportunity to run there. Before arriving, I used Google maps to plan my run and found a trail that goes by the river (Thames River of course).
From my hotel (Hilton on King St.), I run West to the Ivey Park and then over the King St. bridge. From there I found my way to Terry Fox Parkway and run along the river for few miles, then went back exactly the same way. During my stay there, I went running twice, approximately 7 miles each time. My speed was not great though, I barely averaged ~ 9-minute mile. I had my camera with me and I took few pictures of the trail and the river. Turns out that this Thames River is quite different than the one in England.

Vancouver, BC – March 09, 2013

This was a very emotional run for me. Maggie is getting older (she was about 9 years old at the time of this run) and I was getting more and more nervous taking her with me for the long distance runs (more than few miles). I am always afraid that she will not complain, just go until she falls down and I always try to pay attention to any signs that this is too much for her. She was doing well generally so, I figured we can go one last time for a long (~9 mile) run.
It was early march, warm weather, and perfect day for a long run. I got my camera, and Maggie and I went towards the Stanley Park. It ended up being a great run and Maggie did well. We stopped few times for her to drink water. Running pace was about 8 minute mile for the entire time. I got a lot of good pictures of scenery, our reflection in the glass and even asked some people to take pictures of me and Maggie running in the park. They probably thought I was crazy.

Vancouver, BC – August 09, 2010

VVancouver is one of my favorite places for longer runs. There are a number of good hotels close to the Stanley Park and Stanley Park is a great place to run.

This time, we stayed at the dog friendly Coast Coal Harbour Hotel. It just opened, so it was nice and new. Maggie and I went running several times during our stay and went for two longer runs on two consecutive days both of which I’ve recorded on my GPS.

On August 8, we went down to the water, followed the coastline about half way up to the park and then came back the Pipeline road, with the detour around the Beaver Lake. Once outside the park, we came back the same way, along the water. That ended up being 8.1 miles.

On August 9, we got to the park the same way, but then continued all the way around and then went across the park on a trail parallel to the N Lagoon Drive. Once we got the Park exit, we went straight on Georgia Street back to the hotel. This run was 8.2 miles

The only downside to running here is that for the most part, you have to run on the hard surface (pavement). I wish there is a gravel trail here like what we have at the Green Lake.

Maggie did great on our runs! We stopped few times for her to get some water, but she was keeping up no problems. Best running buddy in the world.

Vancouver Run - August 08, 2010 (8.1 miles)
Vancouver Run – August 08, 2010 (8.1 miles)
Vancouver Run - August 09, 2010 (8.2 miles)
Vancouver Run – August 09, 2010 (8.2 miles)