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Paris, France – August 30, 2014

I went running in Paris several times before, but have never recorded it. This time, I had my GPS unit with me and I was ready. I stayed with my family, just outside the city limits, near the river Seine.

I went along the railroad track towards the Seine and crossed the river at the Pont d’Asnières. Once on the other side, I went west towards the Bois de Boulogne. Instead of going all the way to the Boulogne forest, I crossed a short bridge to Île de la Grande Jatte, a small island on the river Seine. It was quite interesting place to run, nice quiet neighborhoods and great views of the river in the early morning. I went all the way around the island, then back to Pont de Courbevoie which took me to the north side of the river. From there, I run straight back to Cliché and back along the railroad track to my starting point.

That was a nice 6.3 mile run, but rather slow (it took me almost an hour). I had my camera with me which was great as I was treated to an incredible sunrise.