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Fort Collins, CO – June 22, 26 2014

I was at Fort Collins, CO for a virology meeting. Once again, I’ve used Google Earth to plan my runs in advance so I was prepared. I arrived to Fort Collins in the evening and went for my first run next morning.
I stayed at Hilton, near the Colorado State University and from there it is a short distance to the Spring Creek Trail. Once on the trail, I went west, by Rolland Moore Park and then all the way to Spring Canyon Community Park. I went around that park and then back pretty much the same way. I have to say that the second part of this run felt like it would never end. My legs were heavy and I was out of breath. By the time I got back to my hotel, I felt like I run a marathon. The total distance for this run was only 8.2 miles, but Fort Collins is at almost 5000 ft and I arrived less than 24 hours prior to this. My average speed was 8:42 minutes per mile which is pretty bad, but considering the thin air and lack of 02, it is probably OK.
Not giving myself any time to recover, I went running next day as well. This time, it was a slow short run on the Mason Trail which runs parallel to the S College Ave. The run was only 3.6 miles, probably at about the same pace.
After taking a day to recover, I went running around the CSU campus. Most of the run was on the track which was kind of interesting. Total for this one was 5.5 miles.
You can see the Google Earth images of my runs below.

Seattle, WA – February 02, 26 2014

As Maggie is getting older, we are not running as often or as far as we used to do. This year, she is turning 10 in April! I’ve decided to take it easy on her so we do not go to the lake as often as we did. She still seems to like it, and seems to be doing well with the occasional 4 mile run. Some days, Maggie and I only go walking/running for a mile or two run around the neighborhood, then we go back home and I go around the Green Lake by myself. I hate to do this, but I am afraid to push her too hard.
As you have probably figured by now, Seattle has very beautiful sunrises. Sometimes however, they are just breathtaking and seem out of this world. That was the case on February 26, 2014. Maggie and I got to the lake and got treated to almost incredible color display. See for yourself…

Seattle, WA – September 20, 2013

As the days are getting shorter, it is getting darker and darker during our runs. Still, from time to time, depending on the weather, Maggie and I get our morning dose of spectacular display of natural beauty.
When we started this run, it was dark and the Moon was setting. As we were going around the lake, it was slowly getting lighter and the sky was turning red. By the time we were on our way back home (around quarter to 7), we had bright red clouds on the horizon.

Seattle, WA – August 26, 2013

It seems that no matter how many times we run at Green Lake, each time it looks different and each time it is absolutely amazing. The exception to this might be total early morning darkness during the winter months, but during the spring/summer/fall the scenery is amazing.
Maggie and I went for our regular 4 mile run on August 26 and were treated to really special sunrise. I had my camera with me, so I was able to record this spectacular sunrise.

Seattle, WA – August 22, 2013

In August, the sunrise is perfectly timed so that Maggie and I get the most incredible display of colors when we run. No wonder I have so many entries here from August.
While I love running, it can be hard sometimes to get motivated to get out of the bed and go. I know that almost always, once I start, it will be an enjoyable experience, but still, on some days, it takes a lot of mental power to achieve a transition from under-the-blanket-with-your-eyes-closed to running-on-a-pavement state. Anything I can use to help that is welcome. When I first open my eyes and peek through the window, it if seems like we will have another one of those sunrise light shows, I just grab my camera and go out as fast as I can.
Total distance for this run is about 4 miles as usual. Most of the time, I run 7:30 to 8:30 minute per mile.

State College, PA – July 22, 2013

I traveled to State College for a virology meeting. As usual, I used the opportunity to go for few runs in a new place. Before coming here, I researched running options and found out that there is a dirt trail going from my hotel, Sleep Inn. According to online maps and Google Earth, Bellefonte Central Rail Trail seemed like a great place to run.
On my first morning there, I got ready and took off looking for the trail. It was very close to the hotel, but it was surprisingly hard to find. After zig-zagging for few minutes (see GPS track below), I found the trail and went all the way to the end and back. Bellefonte Central Rail Trail was a very nice surprise. It was very nice, quiet and a pleasure to run on. I am glad I had my camera with me. From Sleep Inn, the trail goes by Arboretum, under the I-99, past the golf course and then slowly starts narrowing until it ends at Montauk Circle. The run was so great that I kept pushing harder and harder and ended up achieving new personal record – 9 miles at 7.25 miles per minute pace. I was quite tired after that, but it was worth it.
Foolishly, I went running next day as well (should have rested). This time, I went running through the PSU campus. It was OK run, but I barely managed 4 miles at 8.5 mm.

Seattle, WA – April 6, 2013

Days are getting longer, fast and now the sun is completely up by the time we get to the lake. Most of my runs here from April to September are with the sun up, high in the sky.
Today, Maggie and I went running with Oliver in a bob stroller. He really liked zooming around the Green Lake early in the morning at the breathtaking 7 miles per hour.

Seattle, WA – March 25, 2013

Maggie and I used to run around Green Lake at least 4-5 times per week for years. Still, each morning, each sunrise is different and we find something new to enjoy. It was late March, the days were getting longer the spring was in the air and the mountain was out. On days like that, I try to remember to bring my camera and take pictures. We were treated to a very fiery sunrise, great views of the Mt Rainier and a lot of flowers on the trees.

Vancouver, BC – March 09, 2013

This was a very emotional run for me. Maggie is getting older (she was about 9 years old at the time of this run) and I was getting more and more nervous taking her with me for the long distance runs (more than few miles). I am always afraid that she will not complain, just go until she falls down and I always try to pay attention to any signs that this is too much for her. She was doing well generally so, I figured we can go one last time for a long (~9 mile) run.
It was early march, warm weather, and perfect day for a long run. I got my camera, and Maggie and I went towards the Stanley Park. It ended up being a great run and Maggie did well. We stopped few times for her to drink water. Running pace was about 8 minute mile for the entire time. I got a lot of good pictures of scenery, our reflection in the glass and even asked some people to take pictures of me and Maggie running in the park. They probably thought I was crazy.

Athens, GA – January 28, 2013

I was in Athens (University of Georgia) for work, so naturally I used this opportunity to run at a new place. I had relatively busy schedule, but as always, I make sure to go to bed early, wake up early and go for a run before my day starts.

Also, as usual, I planned my runs using maps and Google Earth, but this time this did not produce great results. My first run (January 28) was supposed to be along the banks of a nice river (or a creek), but instead I ended up running along what seemed like a very short canal and then ended up in a less-than-great-neighborhood. I turned back towards the hotel and took few detours on the way to make this run a bit longer. In all, on 28th, my run was 5.4 miles at about 8.5 minute mile pace. I usually try to run faster (7.30 mm seems to work well for me), but so often I am just not in the shape I would like to be, so I have to go slow.

Next day (January 29), I decided to run through the UGA campus instead, and that seemed to work out much better. From my hotel (Holiday Inn on W Broad St.), I went south on S Lumpkin St., then east on Carlton St., then south on E Campus Rd to intramural fields. After running few times around the fields, I went back more-less the same way. The total distance was somewhat shorter (5.2 miles), but I kept the same pace which, considering this was my second day to run in a row was not bad.

Seattle, WA – January 01, 2013

What better way to start a new year than with a run? I love running on January 1st, but it is not often that I manage to actually do it. Maggie is usually freaked out by fireworks most of the night for the New Years, so neither one of us gets much sleep. It is very difficult to run after just few hours of sleep.

Still, this year, we managed to get out and run at our favorite place, Green Lake. It was chilly, but nice morning. Moon was about ¾ full. Sun was just coming up and we made great pictures of the lake. On one of them you can see the Space Needle in the distance.

Waikoloa, HI – December 03, 2012

We were back at Waikoloa for our annual vacation, so I was running at the same place as before. One thing I tried to change this time was to see how far I can get running on the beach south, towards Kona. Turns out, not very far… I run out of sand and came to the very rocky part in about a minute or two. From there, I up the beach, to Marriott and then back to Hilton. At Hilton, I went around the resort once to make this even 4 miles (still very short).

Big Island Run - December 03, 2012.12.03 4.0miles 8.5 minute mile
Big Island Run – December 03, 2012.12.03
4.0miles 8.5 minute mile

Seattle, WA – November 15, 2012

I love beautiful, fiery sunrises and I love foggy days. Combine those two things and you have a quite spectacular run.
Maggie and I went out at our normal time, around 6 am and run down to the Green Lake. It was quite foggy, but as we were completing our run, the fog thinned out on the east side and we could see an awesome sunrise. Good thing, I had my camera with me.
Total run was our usual, 4 miles.

Richland, Washington – November 05, 2012

I was in Richland for work and stayed at Red Lion hotel, by the river. That was very convenient for running, so I used that opportunity to run three mornings in a row on the Riverfront trail. I was quite amazed at how great the trail was, and surprised to see that there were very few people on it. First two days, I went north from my hotel, staying on the trail all the way to the Ferry rd. where it ends. From there, I went back the same way. Third day, I took the trail south, went under the I-182 bridge and from there followed the trail going west for about a mile. I went the same route on the way back.
All in all, this is a great place to run. Very scenic, beautiful sunrises, clean air.

Seattle, WA – September 28, 2012

In the summer of 2012 there were devastating fires on the Eastern side of the Cascade Mountains. At times, we could smell the smoke in Seattle and most days we could see the haze over the North Cascade range. Seattle is far enough to the West, and the air quality was not affected, so Maggie and I went running most days.
As bad as all this was, the haze made for incredible sunrises. As if the spectacular sunrise was not enough, Maggie and I were treated to a double rainbow as well.
Below are some pictures from our Green Lake run from September 28, 2012 (total run distance is about 4 miles).

Memphis, TN – April 12, 2012

Memphis, Tennessee, a town on the Mississippi river. I was there for work and stayed at Crowne Plaza by the I-40. During my stay there, I went running several times but recorded it on my GPS only once.

From the hotel, I went down N 3rd street and then crossed the A.W. Willis Bridge to the Mud Island. On the island, I ran north on the Mississippi Greenbelt trail, along the Mississippi river, all the way to the Wolf River. From there, I ran south, to Mud Island River Park went back to the bridge and then took the N 2nd Avenue to my hotel. The total distance was 6.7 miles.

While running along the trail, I took photographs of the Mississippi River and American Queen river boat.

Orlando, FL – April 05, 2011

t was beginning of April and it was already way to hot in Orlando. That is crazy. We stayed at Hilton Grand Vacations at SeaWorld and the AACR was at the Convention Center nearby.

I ran several times while here, but recorded it only once. For this run, I went from the hotel and turned right on the Central Florida Parkway, then left on the International Drive, under the highway 528 all the way to the Convention Center. From there, I ran back on the International Drive, and went around the SeaWorld from the other side (Sea Harbor Drive), back to the hotel. Total distance covered was 5.1 miles.

Orlando Run - April 05, 2011 (5.1 miles)
Orlando Run – April 05, 2011 (5.1 miles)

Bike to work (Seattle, WA) – April 04, 2011

This post is not about a run for a change; instead it is about a bike ride that I take almost every day (riding to work). It is a short ride, just over 9 miles for the round trip, but it does have a decent climb.

It seems quite flat when viewed on the Google Earth, but trust me, there is a lot of climbing. South Lake Union (where I work) is at the Sea level, and Phinney Ridge is at 350 ft.

Bike to Work
Bike to Work